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Transportation of oversized goods, Freight forwarding


Transport of oversized goods

It is very common for our customers to deliver goods that are non-standard in size or weight and therefore considered oversized.

If these goods exceed the basic transport capacity, they are considered oversized goods. In this case, specific solutions and special equipment are needed to get the goods from the point of origin to the destination.

They exceed national and international standards in terms of weight and volume. Regnum also has considerable experience in the field of oversized goods. Oversized cargo orders are handled with the utmost care.

Choose us if you need to transport oversized goods such as cranes, combine harvesters, steel beams, tractors, etc.

Oversized transport orders can only be carried with a permit, which can be a very heavy penalty if the carrier does not have it. Regnum will arrange all the permits for the transport of these goods.