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Pharmaceutical delivery

Regnum Intertrans

Medication delivery at Regnum Trans

Transport and delivery of medicines and medical products at controlled temperatures, in accordance with specific rules.

Track shipments of pharmaceutical products, displaying their status!

Discover our range of additional services for the transport of pharmaceutical products.

Special delivery options:

• Stock management, order processing; supply distribution to hospitals, health centers and pharmacies
• Specialized transport of pharmaceutical products

Complementing our delivery portfolio, our company offers
a wide range of value-added services

AD-HOC insurance

We provide ad-hoc special insurance for additional cover in case of damage to the product or loss during the delivery process.

Signed delivery note

For deliveries where the delivery note has to be signed by the recipient/addressee, a digitalised, signed copy of the note is available on request and can be downloaded 24 hours afterwards.

Electronic packing list

It helps simplify printing and the management of packing lists

Full customs clearance process

For shipments that require customs clearance, we handle the entire process.