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Transportation, Freight forwarding of goods with special temperature requirements


Transport of goods with special temperature requirements

Some products require special transport conditions, such as goods with special temperature requirements, for which the temperature at which they are transported is absolutely crucial

Whether it’s food requiring deep-freezing, products that need to be transported under heated conditions, or even certain pharmaceutical products that need to be temperature-controlled, Regnum can transport them all and help you ensure that your special shipment arrives safely and in the right conditions.

Our transport equipment used in these cases has a temperature control system with continuous internal temperature monitoring.

Our quality temperature control logistics service ensures that your product does not lose its original consistency and efficiency. We take all precautions and comply with all regulations to ensure that goods with special temperature requirements reach their destination under controlled conditions.

Delivery compliance is then set out in temperature regulations agreed by the parties. This requires knowledge of temperature transport dogmas at government and carrier level.